fernanda de uriarte

3d.spatial.experiential designer


Playing with perspective: this window display explores audience interaction. Only when standing in a certain position can the passers by make out what the display is about.


Story telling: using the window display as an opportunity to engage the audience with the history, values and evolution of the brand.


Tennis as an inspiration: Using elements of the brand`s history these displays fill up the window to talk to the costumers not so much about the products of a particular collection but about the brand itself. Elements of the game such as terms and trajectories are transformed into visuals and installations.


Iconic Lacoste: Choosing iconic products of each collection and building characters or personas around them. This idea looks for a playful approach to the display and the relationship with costumers.


Windows live: Taking the ideas of interaction and engagement forward, the window space becomes something else: a gallery, live performance, think tank or even a laboratory, pop-up shops and events.